Anymail documentation privacy

Anymail’s documentation site at is hosted by Read the Docs. Please see the Read the Docs Privacy Policy for more about what information Read the Docs collects and how they use it.

Separately, Anymail’s maintainers have configured Google Analytics third-party tracking on this documentation site. We (Anymail’s maintainers) use this analytics data to better understand how these docs are used, for the purpose of improving the content. Google Analytics helps us answer questions like:

  • what docs pages are most and least viewed

  • what terms people search for in the documentation

  • what paths readers (in general) tend to take through the docs

But we’re not able to identify any particular person or track individual behavior. Anymail’s maintainers do not collect or have access to any personally identifiable (or even potentially personally identifiable) information about visitors to this documentation site.

We also use Google Analytics to collect feedback from the “Is this page helpful?” box at the bottom of the page. Please do not include any personally-identifiable information in suggestions you submit through this form. (If you would like to contact Anymail’s maintainers, see Getting support.)

Anymail’s maintainers have not connected our Google Analytics implementation to any Google Advertising Services. (Incidentally, we’re not involved with the ads you may see here. Those come from—and support—Read the Docs under their ethical ads model.)

The developer audience for Anymail’s docs is likely already familiar with site analytics, tracking cookies, and related concepts. To learn more about how Google Analytics uses cookies and how to opt out of analytics tracking, see the “Information for Visitors of Sites and Apps Using Google Analytics” section of Google’s Safeguarding your data document.

Questions about privacy and information practices related to this Anymail documentation site can be emailed to privacy<at>anymail<dot>dev. (This is not an appropriate contact for questions about using Anymail; see Help if you need assistance with your code.)