exception anymail.exceptions.AnymailUnsupportedFeature

If the email tries to use features that aren’t supported by the ESP, the send call will raise an AnymailUnsupportedFeature error, and the message won’t be sent. See Unsupported features.

You can disable this exception (ignoring the unsupported features and sending the message anyway, without them) by setting ANYMAIL_IGNORE_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURES to True.

exception anymail.exceptions.AnymailRecipientsRefused

Raised when all recipients (to, cc, bcc) of a message are invalid or rejected by your ESP at send time. See Refused recipients.

You can disable this exception by setting ANYMAIL_IGNORE_RECIPIENT_STATUS to True in your settings.py, which will cause Anymail to treat any non-AnymailAPIError response from your ESP as a successful send.

exception anymail.exceptions.AnymailAPIError

If the ESP’s API fails or returns an error response, the send call will raise an AnymailAPIError.

The exception’s status_code and response attributes may help explain what went wrong. (Tip: you may also be able to check the API log in your ESP’s dashboard. See Troubleshooting.)

In production, it’s not unusual for sends to occasionally fail due to transient connectivity problems, ESP maintenance, or other operational issues. Typically these failures have a 5xx status_code. See Handling transient errors for suggestions on retrying these failed sends.

exception anymail.exceptions.AnymailInvalidAddress

The send call will raise a AnymailInvalidAddress error if you attempt to send a message with invalidly-formatted email addresses in the from_email or recipient lists.

One source of this error can be using a display-name (“real name”) containing commas or parentheses. Per RFC 5322, you should use double quotes around the display-name portion of an email address:

# won't work:
send_mail(from_email='Widgets, Inc. <[email protected]>', ...)
# must use double quotes around display-name containing comma:
send_mail(from_email='"Widgets, Inc." <[email protected]>', ...)
exception anymail.exceptions.AnymailSerializationError

The send call will raise a AnymailSerializationError if there are message attributes Anymail doesn’t know how to represent to your ESP.

The most common cause of this error is including values other than strings and numbers in your merge_data or metadata. (E.g., you need to format Decimal and date data to strings before setting them into merge_data.)

See Formatting merge data for more information.